Demo, Constituents in detail, Summary exercise 11

Summary exercise

Select the appropriate term from the drop-down list of each gap. If in doubt, you may wish to refer back to the feedback and glossary info given in the previous exercise.

In English sentences, the often stretch over more than just one element. The most central constituent is the . Together with the , it represents the absolute minimum of a declarative sentence. The verb constituent is always realised by a phrase.

A complex verb phrase consists of a verb and one or more verbs. The latter class have a largely grammatical function, while the former carry the basic meaning (hence we also call them ).

The subject constituent often (but by no means always) expresses and is usually realised by a phrase.

The object constituent is usually realised by a phrase and is characterised by the fact that it can become the subject of a corresponding structure. The object is usually an entity that is the action and it is the second one if two objects occur. The object, in turn, precedes the object and is usually the action.

Complements are closely related to constituents in the clause: Subject complements refer to the subject and usually follow : She is the new president.

Object complements follow the object they refer to: They have made her president.

Both types of complement are normally realised by noun phrases or phrases.