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‘The Internet and Political Information’: grouping units of meaning

Record yourself again. The pauses are now marked.

Focus as well on the rising and falling tones in each unit of meaning.

It is clear|that a large proportion of the population|now use the Internet|as their main source of political information.

It is also thought|that people’s political views|are often shaped by posts and comments|on social media.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram|can therefore be assumed|to play a major part|in the formation of political opinion.

There have, of course,|been attempts|to quantify the influence|that the Internet actually wields,|but the results|have so far been inconclusive.

One conclusion, however,|already seems to be taking shape,|namely that blogs and tweets|tend to confirm people|in the views they already hold.

One might, we suspect,|have arrived at this conclusion|by just observing|one’s own Internet behavior.

If one holds a political view,|one is likely|to look for support and confirmation.

Contrary views, however,|are only too easily deleted.