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minimal pairs in context

Now listen to the words in context and imitate the native speaker as closely as possible.

I prefer surfing the waves to surfing the web.

The annual ‘Off the Shelf Festival of Words’ takes place in Sheffield.

Not a lot of people know what a life in academia is like.

The relief convoy was set up to help refugees all over Europe.

You should definitely try to leave it all behind.

There were more than just a few errors.

It may not be advisable to refer to your wife as ‘trouble and strife’.

Vince looked very funny in his violet waterproof vest.

The proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding.

The wariness in his voice made us all very suspicious.

The Beggar and the Thief is a poem and a song.

No, you can’t say ‘you’re heavy on wire’ in English!

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