Demo, Constituents in detail, Exercise 5

Task: Identify the in the main clause of the following sentences by clicking on ALL its elements. Then hit CHECK to see if you are right!
  1. Languages need to be an essential element in the education of all British teenagers.

  2. Both the Council of Europe and the European Commission are firmly committed to the need for multilingual education.

  3. Schools and pupils stuck in a monolingual mindset have taken the status of English in the world as a cue to drop foreign languages altogether.

  4. Government moves to make the curriculum for 14- to 19-year-olds more flexible and relevant to working life have had a devastating effect on foreign language learning.

  5. Next week, at the Royal Albert Hall, Gordon Brown will talk about globalisation and its potentials.

  6. With neither the political crisis that Labour's resignation from the Government would have caused, nor the industrial explosion, which - however much pacifists might fear it - would undoubtedly have created new possibilities for their politics, the momentum that had been building up since the Russian Revolution nearly a year earlier was sharply checked.